We provide in-school physical activity and mindfulness programs that build life skills and help to create a positive school climate.

Our immersive experiences are delivered in-school as well as online:

Aussie X

Aussie X explores growth mindset through the Australian sports of footy, netball and cricket. The new physical skills challenge students to “Have a Go” at something new so they learn through adversity. Through the affirmation “Goodonya Mate”, students celebrate each other’s hard work and effort.

X Dance

X Dance is a curriculum-based dance program that explores diversity through a high-energy and culturally rich dance experience. Students identify their unique characteristics, and celebrate with the “I am Xtra Awesome” affirmation.

X Fusion

X Fusion explores self regulation through a fusion of yoga, high intensity fitness and mindfulness. Students are guided to identify someone who inspires them and aspire to become the best version of themselves – their “super self”. Through guided mindfulness and reflection, students learn to identify their feelings and emotions and are challenged to choose their desired state through physical action to achieve that.

X Power

X Power explores conflict resolution through an experience inspired by martial arts. Students explore their inner power using karate, tai chi and taekwondo. Through games and reflection, students are empowered with tools for effective conflict resolution and to stand up for themselves, others and the world around them.

Over 375,000 youth have experienced X Movement programs in over 2,000 schools

Why we exist

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death in youth aged 15-32, and the 3rd leading cause of death in youth aged 10-14.

X Movement Why We Exist Chart

We believe that through assisting school communities in developing a positive, healthy and energizing school climate, we can work towards eradicating this alarming statistic.

Schools choose us to ensure:
Positive School Climate

Positive School Climate

School Connectedness

School Connectedness

Mental Health & Anti-bullying

Mental Health & Anti-bullying

Physical Literacy & DPA

Physical Literacy & DPA

Over 2,000 schools have been energized through our services

The Secret Sauce is our unique combination of Movement, Mindfulness and Mateship that makes all the difference!



Physical activity that makes you feel good irrespective of ability.



Using reflection to become aware of self, others and the world around you.



Building relationships through communication, equality and trust.

X Movement Diagram

(With a sprinkle of Mayhem: fun, friendship and freedom.)

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