What we do

We do more than move bodies.

We create extraordinary experiences designed to help move something deeper.

Our experiences help people connect to themselves, others and the world around them.

Using emotional, social and environmental literacy fused with movement, we help build positive, healthy and energized school communities.

Our services

Live In-School Experiences

Coaches come fully equipped to deliver action-packed movement experience that delivers emotional, social and environmental literacy.

Community Engagement Events

An integral part of the X Movement Experience. Parents are invited back to the School to participate in the connected movement experience with their child.


Access to online and hardcopy teacher resources including equipment, teacher manuals, lesson plans amongst more.

Live In-School Experiences:

87% of schools opt for packages that include 2-3 experiences per year, along with sustainable materials

All experiences integrate the 3 step Connected Movement Approach of Movement, Mindfulness and Mateship.

X Movement Aussie X

Through the sports of Aussie Rules Football, Netball and Cricket, students build self-confidence to ‘Have a Go’ at something new. The Australian sports and culture help to create a level playing field, and show students that they don’t have to be sports stars to love the feeling of getting active.

Mental Benefits:
Resilience (Confidence and Sportsmanship)

Physical Benefits:
Manipulation Skills (Batting, Bowling, Kicking, Catching)


Havin’ a Go

Try New Things

You little Rippa

Celebrate small wins

Goodonya Mate

Energy you give off, is the energy you get back!

X Movement X Dance

Through top dance hits, imaginative storylines, playful characters and explorative dance experiences from cultures around the world, students are encouraged to celebrate diversity and the “Xtra Awesome” parts of themselves and each other.

Mental Benefits:
Self-Confidence (Diversity, Self-Expression)

Physical Benefits:
Locomotion Skills (Dance)


I Am - You Are - We Are Xtra Awesome

Students learn self-regulation through fundamental movement skills from pilates and gymnastics blended with a “Circus” themed drama adventure. The “I Can, You Can, We Can” affirmation inspires students to help each other navigate their way from chaos to calm, fidgety to focused and asleep to alert.

Mental Benefits:
Self-Regulation (Creativity through Drama)

Physical Benefits:
Stability Skills (Core, Balance)


I Can - You Can - We Can

Be calm, focused and alert

X Movement

Students learn to stand up for themselves and those around them through Tai chi inspired movements and mindfulness activities. Using their unique “X Power” within, students are taught verbal conflict-resolution skills and encouraged to use their “X Power” for good.

(Coming soon)
Mental Benefits:
Conflict Resolution - (Perseverance/Grit, Positivity)

Physical Benefits:
Stability Skills (Core, Balance)


I’ve Got The Powa!

Power to stand up for yourself and those around you

Coming Soon

X Movement X Life The Game

Coming soon

X Life: Online Game

Social game designed to build healthy habits in students through daily movement, mateship and mindfulness inside of the classroom.

X Movement X Performance

Coming soon

X Performance: Training & Consulting

Training and development for Schools to build Positive School Climates through Leadership, Well-being and Culture.

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