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X Movement programs deliver physical, social, emotional and environmental literacy through in-school movement-based experiences.

Each program channels specific core values designed to build character and instill positive life habits that energize the students and instill the notion that movement makes you feel good.

Our Services

Live In-School Experiences

Coaches come fully equipped to deliver action-packed movement experience that delivers emotional, social and environmental literacy.

Community Engagement Events

An integral part of the X Movement Experience. Parents are invited back to the School to participate in the connected movement experience with their child.


Access to online and hardcopy teacher resources including equipment, teacher manuals, lesson plans amongst more.

In-School Experiences

X Movement Diagram

  • 1 Movement
  • 2 Mindfulness
  • 3 Mateship

All experiences integrate the 3 step Connected Movement Approach of Movement, Mindfulness and Mateship (with a sprinkle of mayhem). Our renowned programs are praised for their design in combining imaginative fun, with character education.

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X Movement Live Experiences
Our programs focus on teaching kids these core areas through their eXperience:




Conflict Resolution

Positive Self Talk

Physical, Social, Emotional Literacy

X Movement Live Experiences

Join Us

We encourage moms and dads to join us and the kids with their new terminology and handshakes that encourage always giving off positive energy. It’s heaps of fun and a great way to stay connected! 🙂

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Part of a Parent Council?

We love working with Parent Councils to help them achieve their objectives.

X Movement Live Experiences
Parent Councils choose X Movement to help with:

In-School Field Trips

Positive and Healthy School Initiatives

School Community Events

Level-playing Field Sporting Experience

Anti-bullying and Mental Health Experiences

Fundraising Activities

X Movement Live Experiences

Get Involved

We know the in’s and out’s of how to work with schools and Parent Councils. Every school is different, that’s why its always best to connect with us so we can give you the low down to get you moving as soon as possible.

We will allocate an X Movement Adviser to work with you and your administrator to determine the best package and experience for your school.

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