X Movement is a leader at engaging school communities through Movement, Mindfulness and Mateship with a sprinkle of mayhem.

We work with government bodies, not-for-profits and corporations to improve the health and wellness of local communities using the school as a hub.

We are always open to grab a coffee or tea with those who care about what we care about – so drop us a line… whether you are an individual or organization…we would love to join forces.

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Partners choose X Movement to help with:

School-Based Initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility

Youth Mental and Physical Wellness

Community Engagement Events

Grassroots Outreach to Families

Sport and Physical Activity Events

Collaborative Project: Ontario Trillium Foundation and Cricket Canada (current)
Collaborative Project

Ontario Trillium Foundation and Cricket Canada (current)

Collaborative project with X Movement and Cricket Canada. Funded by Ontario Trillium Foundation to create a junior cricket league in the inner city area of Regent Park, Ontario, Canada.

Two elementary schools (Nelson Mandela PS and Lord Dufferin PS) and one secondary school (Jarvis CI) will participate in this project with the goal of creating a self sustaining community indoor cricket league in an area that traditionally sees many families from cricket loving nations (South Asian and Caribbean).

The project also works in conjunction with Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment (MLSE) and the revitalization project within the Regent Park community to utilize the multi-sport field that will be completed come Spring 2016.

The project will generate interest for MLSE’s summer Cricket league to be played at the new field that is tailored for Cricket.

Collaborative Project: Ontario Trillium Foundation and Ontario Australian Football League
Collaborative Project

Ontario Trillium Foundation and Ontario Australian Football League

In 2008, the Ontario Australian Football League, in partnership with the Aussie X, received a 3 year community grant from the Ontario Australian Football League, to service schools in 3 At Risk neighbourhoods of Toronto’s Inner City.

The project also partnered with 3 Toronto Police station districts:

  • Division 31 – Jane & Finch
  • Division 55 – The Danforth
  • Division 22 – Humber South

In each region, a cluster of schools enjoyed an in school Aussie X Australian Football program.

Children from the schools were then able to compete in an inter school tournament, helping to build the school community within each division and enabling police officers from each division the ability to connect deeper with the children, in an environment where ‘EVERYONE’ was learning.

This was followed by a junior Australian Football League that successfully engaged almost 100 children in the new sport of Australian Football.

Collaborative Project: Macquarie Private Wealth (Corporate Social Responsibility)
Collaborative Project

Macquarie Private Wealth (Corporate Social Responsibility)

In early 2012, post Dragons’ Den, our co-founders Kaela Bree and Emile Studham connected to Macquarie Private Wealth.

Macquarie Private Wealth had allocated $100K as a corporate social responsibility initiative to support a grassroots sporting initiative.

They chose to partner with Aussie X to put the money towards an inter-school Aussie Rules Football tournament for three At-Risk schools (close to 300 children).

Not only did they get to play FOOTY against other schools, but children also got to participate in a Drum circle, learn magic tricks, juggle, dance to pumping beats and even learn how to mix music. It was a carnival extravaganza day that will go down in history as one of the most memorable days of the student’s lives.

The CMO of Macquarie Private Wealth was quoted as saying “We have put money towards social impact events before and have been disappointed at the results. This was the opposite. Aussie X blew us away. They not only delivered but they over delivered on what they promised. Best money we have ever spent. Our employees were incredibly engaged and proud of what we accomplished.”

The tournaments that were played at Colonel Samual Smith field in South Etobicoke even acquired [ National ] TV coverage on CBC’s Dragons’ Den as an update episode of Aussie X’s original win on the show in 2011. TV coverage also consisted of CP24 and Rogers TV.

Collaborative Project: RBC - Wicket Cricket Project
Collaborative Project

RBC – Wicket Cricket Project

RBC contacted Aussie X as they needed support delivering their In-School Community Outreach program – Wicket Cricket. They had been told by a participating School that the quality of their coaches were not up to standard and that they should reach out to Aussie X to help.

We customize and create solutions to fit both our partners objectives and the objectives of school communities. Why? Because we have been doing this for centuries!

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