Take a peek inside the method behind our mayhem

We all know the stats

Kids aren’t moving, mental health issues are increasing by the day and lack of social connectivity is resulting in kids falling into the lazy and lonely trap.

We know that approaches such as whole child education, healthy schools initiatives, school connectedness and positive school climate focuses are key to addressing some of these issues.

Although reform is underway, it has been said that it is somewhat challenging to make the policies and programming a reality in the day-to-day school life.

We are dedicated to working with educators to help bring some of these valuable initiatives to life.

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Our Science Based Methodology

Yes – Our Connected Movement Approach is part of it…but what’s the deeper methodology?

It’s about the whole child

A whole child approach to education is defined by policies, practices, and relationships that ensure each child, in each school, in each community, is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.
It is often described as learning whereby physical, emotional, social and environmental literacy are all considered.

All X Movement programs integrate some element of physical, emotional, social and environmental literacy.

Dr. Andy Anderson, leader in Physical Education, describes Health as, “care for self, care for others, care for the environment.``

It’s about the Extraordinary Experience

We Learn:
What we read0
What we hear0
What we see0
What we see and hear0
What we discuss0
What we experience0

95% of what we teach others

When experiencing a significant emotional event, learning is deepened and lasting. Latest research suggests that it is the emotions aroused, not the personal significance of the event, that makes such events easier to remember.

X Movement experiences are designed to act as a significant emotional event to deepen the life lesson.

Positive School Climate =

Increase In

Positive youth development

Academic success

Healthy habits in students

Decrease In

Dropout rates

Suicidal tendencies and mental health issues

Poor numeracy and literacy results

It’s about the School Community

We all know, it takes an entire school community to raise a globally conscious, positive and healthy child.

Our offerings are designed not just for the student or teacher, but rather for the whole school community. When a lesson learnt during an X Movement experience is reinforced by the classroom teacher, the office administrator, the school principal as well as within the family home – the chances of it sticking … are much much greater.

X Movement Life Energized
X Movement Life Energized

Building relationships within the school community to improve school connectedness is also a big part of X Movement programs. The Mateship part of Connected Movement helps to strengthen connection with all people within the School Community.

A sense of connectedness, good communication, and perceptions of adult caring have been shown to be related to a wide range of mental health outcomes (Patton, 2000).

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