If not now, then when? If not us, then who?

We aspire to inspire

We are so passionate about providing children with a significant emotional experience that turns their inner voice from thinking no I can’t to yes I can.

Through these experiences, we can unlock a child’s inner confidence to connect deeper to self, others and the world around them.

Our vision is to energize every school in the world.

How we got started

It’s quite the tale…

Once Upon A Time… in a land down under (Australia) two very different but equally passionate individuals – Kaela Bree and Emile Studham, came together over a shared vision to positively impact the lives of children.

X Movement Who We Are
X Movement Who We Are

Both bring a unique skill set, Bree coming from a mental health, business and elementary education background and Studham from an elite sport, Kinesiology and secondary education background.

Their partnership brought them to Canada in 2008.

With a sound knowledge of the value of movement and mindfulness as a transformational catalyst in developing character and esteem, the pair developed the Australian sports program Aussie X, as it was known then, and they began to grow.

X Movement Aussie X

In one year, the duo connected with an astounding 11,000 kids.

Dragons' Den

A deal on Dragon’s Den brought added interest and awareness but the Aussie founding duo had only just begun.

X Movement Programs
In 2015, Aussie X relaunched under the banner of X Movement with the intention of expanding its reach and impact.

X Movement now offers a diverse range of products and services including live experiences of dance, fitness and Tai chi, an online wellbeing game for schools and their world-class culture and leadership consulting program. We have way more things in the woodwork’s we cannot wait to show you…

Our Programs